Teknosin is celebrating its 33rd year in operation.

Much like every living organism, we learned so many things and accumulated experience during our journey.

We realized that the services we offer are usually located at the end of production processes where even the slightest disruption can halt entire operations.

Even though the costs of "coding and marking" are not very significant, we've come to understand the paramount importance of our business. We acknowledge how even the smallest issue in this realm can disrupt processes and lead to significant consequences, and we have always kept this in mind.

We observed how intertwined the service we offer should be with the packaging design, logo, color and even the industrial design of the packaging. When these aspects look good on the shelf, it stimulates the buying impulse at end users, and paves the way for the product to be put in the basket.

As a result of all this, we've concluded that our relationship with customers should transcend that of a mere supplier, evolving into an expert engineering department. As a team, we have always embraced this idea. 

Our industry has long been labeled as 'coding' or 'coding and marking'. In fact the precise equivalent of our work is traceability, often referred to as 'track and trace'. In summary, our business is about all the solutions for product traceability and marking, which can be encapsulated in the phrase "Leave a Mark" or "Tracing".

Companies, like individuals, are always trying to leave their mark behind them!

Don't we also strive to ensure that our products can both be well monitored and leave a good mark?

With these thoughts, in order to bring a new perspective to ourselves and our sector, to better express our engineering perspective in our business and to explain ourselves based on the good marks we have left on our customers so far, we decided not to continue with the term coding and marking anymore, but to use Traceability.

From now on, we will continue our product and service approach in the light of this concept with renewed enthusiasm. Our commitment extends to offering diverse services that aim to elevate the sector to new heights. 

With the support of our global business partners, we will continue to improve our products and service methods by combining Teknosin's engineering and service approach. We will provide you Teknosin's distinction in multiple areas, such as training, domestic R&D, and the development of special products.

Just as we have done for the past 33 years, we aspire to continue embracing innovations along the path we've shared.


Trace your products! Follow us! 

Zeki Bülent Yağlı